Social Security Disability

People who choose J. Timothy Esper & Associates to represent them usually get their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) award faster.

SSDI is available for individuals whose medical condition, or combination of conditions, leave them unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity for one full year. Substantial gainful activity generally means any full-time employment that exists in significant numbers in the local economy. Being disabled from your own job is usually not enough. There must be medical evidence to show that you can't do any full-time work at all, even at light duty, lower paying jobs.

At age 50, 55 and 60, special “grid” rules make it easier to qualify for SSDI. For instance, at age 50, an individual with a high school degree who can't do his previous work, has no transferable skills and is limited to sedentary employment, automatically qualifies for benefits.

Monthly SSDI benefits are based on your earnings record and begin as early as the sixth month following the onset of disability that will last for one full year. There is an important interplay between Social Security and other benefits, primarily workers' compensation and automobile no-fault. We make it our business to maximize benefits from all sources.

After two years on SSDI, a disabled individual is eligible for Medicare. There are also important interactions between Medicare, workers' compensation, no-fault, and third-party lawsuits. Settlement of any injury claim, including workers' compensation, no-fault and third-party liability cases, must include consideration of Medicare's interests. We keep abreast of all Medicare requirements so as to protect our client's medical benefits in all cases.

More people's initial application and appeals are approved if they have an experienced attorney involved than if they go it alone. Mark Aiello specializes in Social Security disability law and has practiced in this area for over 16 years. He has over a 90% success rate in SSDI cases and has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Mark is available to respond to your inquiries regarding any Social Security disability claim.

If you are under the full retirement age (65-67), have a medical condition expected to last at least 12 months contact us to schedule your initial consultation. The initial consultation is FREE and there is No Obligation to hire us. We only charge an attorney fee if we obtain Social Security benefits for you. We will examine your claim and explain your rights under the law so you will understand how to best fight for the benefits you deserve.

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